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Security Wait Times Now Available on Google Home and Amazon Alexa


Available for Google Home + Amazon Alexa

Wait Times Voice Assistant

Know what to expect on your day of travel, even if it’s next week.

We created a skill for your Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Now you can ask what security wait times are expected for the time you’ll arrive at the airport.

Just ask to speak to Plot Travel Info…


Click the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa badges to enable on your devices


OK Google, talk to Plot Travel Info…


Alexa, open Plot Travel Info…


Alright Sara, how can Plot help you today?


What’s the wait time at LAX?


When do you plan to arrive? Be sure to say AM or PM…


Tomorrow at 9 AM


Which terminal are you flying out of?


Tom Bradley International


OK, the expected wait times tomorrow at 9 AM at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal will be 10 - 20 minutes


Available on Google Home and Amazon Alexa


Need Help?

If you haven’t enabled new skills on your voice assistant, here is some helpful information.

Set up and manage apps for Google Home

Enable Amazon Alexa Skills

Tech tip: Here's how you can add skills to Amazon's Alexa (Video)

DISCLAIMER: Security wait times are provided as a guideline for travel planning. They represent expected wait times based on the length of time it typically takes to pass through security at a given date and time. However, extra time should be budgeted for airport travel to account for unexpected interruptions. Plot recommends that you follow the recommendations provided by the airport and the Transportation Safety Administration.

PHOTO CREDITS: Status Quack on Unsplash, Andreea Popa on Unsplash, Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash