Live Shuttle Tracking
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Live Shuttle Tracking

Shuttle schedules, current location, and ETA are big unknowns for travelers. Travelers are left wondering where they are at in the “every 30 minutes” loop the shuttle runs on or how long will it take to arrive at their terminal. Current solutions are expensive, clunky, not built for mobile applications, and don’t provide any airport or ETA information.

Plot installs iPads on the dashboard or windscreen of shuttles to provide critical information to travelers. Plot precisely tracks the location of the shuttle in real time using the LTE enable iPad’s GPS. This approach provides multiple benefits to shuttle operators:

  1. The traveler has live security wait times and ETA to terminals or other destinations on screen
  2. Hotels can provide an ‘Uber” like experience in their mobile apps showing the live location of shuttles on a map
  3. Hotel guests can text a short code and receive a URL link to a map with live shuttle locations
  4. Tracked shuttles can be displayed live on in-room entertainment screens
  5. Travelers can check in on separate tablets at pickup locations to add themselves to a pickup list which makes dispatching more efficient

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