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Plot deploys a suite of sensors that collect passenger, employee, vehicle and environmental data.

Plot collects millions of rows of data each month from weather, traffic, events and transit sources.


ACE provides a test environment where airlines can trial the impact of new processes, technology, and policies.

Example: Plot Airlines is planning a deal for two free checked bags. How will this impact check-in efficiency? How will it impact queueing? How will it impact staffing?

ACE AI will evaluate the tests and give airlines precise feedback and suggestions on how the trial impacts the test location as well as modeling it’s impact at a national or even global scale.


Decrease your service times by putting ACE to work. ACE uses artificial intelligence to learn your ticketing and check-in behaviors and over time, identifies ways to improve and optimize this process for your passengers.

Airlines can track improvements month over month while ACE AI continues to find new ways to improve your ticketing and check-in process.

ACE saves airlines money and streamlines the passenger’s experience.


ACE combines staff performance data with the larger data sets to create more efficient and cost effective scheduling.

ACE alerts location managers when slowdowns are developing or when a location is under performing.

Site performance data is used to set new goals, track accomplishments and understand low performance.

How It Works


Airports represent a major hurdle for airlines to adopt any technology that involves on-site hardware. Red tape, bureaucracy, politics, and system ownership turn new technology procurement into a nightmare at scale. This creates the biggest hurdle. To make a major impact on landside IROPs airlines must have the same system at major and medium hubs nationwide and globally.

Plot makes this a quick and painless process. Plot’s unique partnership model with airports around the world allows solutions, technology, and sensors to be installed and operational faster than any other company. Plot’s unique partnership model also allows rapid scale of technology across the entire airport. If an airline customer wants to expand the system, they can immediately.


Plot streamlines the process for airlines and minimizes their involvement. After an airline prioritizes an airport(s) for ACE, Plot takes over and handles contracts, installation, maintenance, and support.

Plot can have ACE running for an airline in an average of 5 weeks at any US airport.



  • Stereoscopic cameras
  • Wifi and Bluetooth sensors
  • BLE Beacons
  • Infrared Cameras


  • Cloud-based reporting and analytics dashboards
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big data processing

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